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Tanusha's tranformation, performed by Craftsmen United, Inc.

The F/V Tanusha was built to longline out of Kodiak, Alaska. Tanusha's owner Stan Sargent took European boat designer Bruce Roberts 58' spray plans and converted it into a vessel that could pack over 100,000 lbs. After 5 years in service, the Tanusha was hauled out by the Port of Port Townsend's 300 ton travel lift and from there Craftsmen United Inc. accomplished extensive modifications and a complete refit - including a shelter deck, pilot house, shaft realignment, sand blast and paint.

The Tanusha was sponsoned 6 feet at it's beam to increase rough weather stability as well as fish hold capacity. Living quarters have been extensively modified for comfort and ease as well as long range fuel cells to provide a greater range than originally available. A larger top house was added for increased visibility.

For more info, contact:

Dan Wiggins
P: (360)914-7094
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